Dial-Up Connection

56K Modem connections

Modem speeds reach their limit with 56K modems. The maximum transmission is more around 53K. This limit comes because of the FCC regulations. If you are a home user and looking for economic and relatively good internet excess then this can be the ideal internet connection for you. Majority of the internet users in UK use dial up connections. Many providers now offer free dial up connections in UK. This type of connections is best suited for small scale internet users. If you are running an organization that needs fastest dialup connection, you will have to go a digital connection. This can be a good move provided you find the right ISP. Your requirements do not have high access demands then dial up connections through modems may prove more than fulfill your needs.

Monthly Cost: varies per the ISP
Speed: Up to 56Kbps
Hardware Requirements: 56k modems


  1. Inexpensive
  2. Wide availability


  1. Using a modem ties up a phone line
  2. Connection is not "always on"
  3. Slower
  4. Costly when constant internet access required
  5. One connection per phone line unless additional equipment or software is purchased depending on version of operating system used.