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Business ISP Dial up connection with V.92 Modem


The industry's latest attempt to breathe life into traditional modem technology giving boost to your busniess needs is a standard known as V.92. V.92 attempts to improve on several of the shortcomings of the current V.90 technology, promising a lot of benefits like:

1. A noticeable improvement in speed

2. A much shorter connect time, greatly reducing modem "squawking and spitting"

3. The ability to handle voice as well as data (i.e., coexistence with call-waiting services)

4. The industry generally claims that V.92 modems can outperform current modems by anywhere from 20% to 40%.

Overall planned for ratification in 2000, the V.92 modem standard promises to squeeze extra performance and features from traditional dial-up networking.

Modems, V.92, and You:

Even on a good connection with standard V.90 modem data transfer rates struggle to reach 30 kbps. The new V.92 delivers 48 kbps download speed on the best connections. Getting the "best connection" with a free dial up service can be difficult, Until ISPs support V.92 on their side. If they do not support then connecting a shiny new V.92 at home won't do us much good. Hence, to bets dialup connection you need to make sure that your ISP supports high speed 56K V.92 modems.

Likewise, the problem of poor line quality can be rectified by using V.92 modems. Currently most of the V.90 modem connects with a V.90-capable ISP runs at a measly 26.4 kbps, and even the fastest downloads rarely exceed that data rate. New 56K V.92 modems can consistently overcome this limitation by getting a speed of around 48k.


Earlier Modems seem doomed to fall short of our high expectations for network performance. Compared to the speed at which we surf the Net from corporate intranets, accessing the Internet at home via dial-up has become almost unbearably slow. Also, DSL and cable modem technology alleviates this bottleneck for the fortunate ones who live within their service areas and are willing to pay higher monthly fees. However, for the dialup users V.92 Modems just might be the best hope for relief in the near term.

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