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Free Dialup UK Article - Speed up your free dialup connection


Speed up the initial connection process

In general dialup connections are considered as slow and time consuming. However, at the same time that is the mode of access that is used by most of the internet uses in UK. While surfing the Internet via a dial up connection, you may often get time to grab a cup of coffee or go to bathroom while web page is loading.
If so, chances are your dial up connection actually getting slower…

Technically, the connection speed of a dial up connection is limited by the bandwidth of phone lines. At the same time, the average file size for Web content is getting larger and larger. More and more web sites are using high end graphics using flash or Dreamweaver. The result is that these pages take a long time to load via your dial up connection. Some time the wait is really annoying. Isn’t it?

Today, people are going for broadband connections that can handle a bigger load as it takes a lot time to squeeze all of that data through a dial-up connection. But the broadband connections are not economically very viable for most users. Also, the broadband connections are limited in terms of reach. So, they still keep using dial up connection.

New technology offers a solution to the slow down of the dial up connection that doesn't necessitate broadband. Services are available in UK that offers high speed dialup connections. If you take right steps to manage your dialup connection then you can get connection speeds that are 2 to 3 times faster than usual dial up service.

When you think of dial-up Internet service, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the ticking or screeching or hissing sound that the modem makes as it connects. This music is indication of the handshake protocol going between your terminal and access terminal. This is the first strew slows down the connection speed of dial-up Internet.

The handshake protocol begins the connection. The server at the other end validates your connection and lets you access to internet. It then allows data to be sent and receive to and from your computer using the Internet. There are actually two separate steps that occur in this process. The first half is the modem initializing the Internet connection. The second part is the dial up software taking over to regulate the dial up connection. The process involves authenticating the user's access to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) is done by the software.

When your computer modem is ticking, it is introducing itself to your ISP. High speed dial up providers can not do anything about the modem initialization. But they do speed up the software validation part. This shorter validation time results in much faster connection times. But in some cases it can reduce the connection time by 33%. The increase in speed depends on the PC and the access number. Using this high speed internet connection, the 60 seconds "normal" dial up service connection becomes maybe a 40 second process. This also affects the latter part called data transfer. The data transfer is the process in which web pages are loaded on your internet browser and also involves the data that your machine sends on the internet. The data transfer also boosts up with the faster connection.

Overall, high speed dialup service allows your machine to establish a connection with your ISP in a shorter time then it takes with standard dial up connection. So, subscribe for a service that gives you faster connection to the internet.


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