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How to Choose a Dialup ISP - Free Dialup UK Article

An Internet Service Provider, or ISP, is a company that provides its customers with access to the Internet. Customers may connect to their ISP through dialup (telephone), broadband (including DSL, ISDN and cable modem services), or wireless connections. There are countless national and regional ISPs in UK. Some of them indeed offer free dial up services. Furthermore, a great many websites exist to help you locate the best one for you.
Your ISP is your lifeline to the Internet In modern times, it is likely to play as significant role in your day-to-day life and your business as your phone company does. But all ISPs are not alike. If you choose wisely, you can gain a reliable business partner that gives you great performance, service and support. If you make a mistake, you could find yourself relying on a internet connection that does not deliver consistent access.

There are four main factors to look for when shopping for dialup Internet access:

Local or free access numbers:

Typically, most of the people in UK use the Dialup service. Dialup service is used by accessing the Internet by dialing your ISP over the phone. I this case, you may have to pay for the using dial up service as well as phone bill while you were accessing internet via phone line. So, you want to make sure that this is a free call. A lot of dial up service providers offers free dialup in UK.

However, do not just assume that you are using a free dial up service because the ISP is located in your area code. In this case, check with your phone company to make sure the exchange is in your local calling area. Ideally, your ISP will offer a choice of phone numbers, so if one is busy, you can try another.

If you or your business require constant traveling and also need to connect while on the road then you will need to choose an ISP that has dialup numbers in areas where you are likely to be traveling. Alternatively, you can subscribe to an ISP that uses a roaming service allowing you to find local dialup numbers wherever you go.


The going rate for unlimited Internet connect time range depends on your location. You can pay less if you know you are only going to spend a short time on the Internet. Hence, one should look for services that offer a low price for limited connection time. But it is a fact that It is easy to spend more time on the Web than you expect. You work may demand more internet access, and overtime charges can add up quickly.

You might also pay less if you pay for your service in advance. But there are drawbacks of such prepaid services. For example, ISPs that offer prepayment often do so to raise capital or to increase cash flow. If their strategy does not go well and the ISP falls then it could leave you with paid-for time you can not use. However, If you are happy with your ISP and confident of its stability, it might be worth the risk. In any case, it is advisable to pay no more than a yearly service plan in advance.

Speed and Compatibility:

A lot of people in UK install 56Kbps modems and feel that they are going to speed up their connections. But the truth is that every ISP and their given access number at a given ISP may or may not automatically support the latest generation of 56Kbps modems. Hence, it is better to make sure your service has enough choices, so you can be confident of connecting at your modem's best speed. Also ask about its support for DSL or other high-speed Internet services, in case you decide to upgrade your service. An ISP that's not committed to keeping up with the latest technology might not have the resources to stay competitive in the ever growing free dialup service market in UK...

Service and Support

Many ISPs supply software that automatically configures your computer to work with their service. If not, you just need to get the necessary information from your ISP and enter it into the configuration software that comes with your computer, a task that isn't too difficult. Either way, expect a good ISP to supply clear access information that a non-technical person can use. In addition, look for an ISP with a 24/7 technical support line and a local or toll-free number. These days, there's enough competition in the ISP market that your provider should include full-time support with the standard monthly fee.

Once you've identified some ISP candidates, call their local access numbers during peak and off-peak times to see if you get a busy signal. Also call their technical support lines a few times to see how easy it is to get through — if you get busy signals or wait a long time for a service representative, the ISP might not devote enough resources to its customer service department.


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