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Free Dialup UK Article - ADSL FAQ


The ADSL internet access is one of the most popular and upcoming Internet technology. There are several people who have heard about it but does not have proper information or have misunderstanding about ADSL. Here, we answer some basic questions about ADSL.

What is ADSL?

ADSL stands for ‘Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line’. It is a type of broadband Internet connection. It is much faster than the dialup modem connection. It offers High-speed bandwidth needed for Internet services like VoIP and fax line apart from normal Internet browsing. The same ADSL internet connection can be used for these services and web surfing simultaneously. It is an ‘always on’ internet connection.

What is ‘downstream’?

Downstream refers to the transfer of data from the requested information resource to your computer. It is your connection’s download speed. ADSL connection is an ‘asymmetric’ connection. The bandwidth allocated to download is more than capacity to upload. It means that amount of information you can send out can be considerably less than the amount of information you can download to your computer in an instance.

Can the distance from local exchange affect an ADSL connection?

The distance from your local exchange does matter when it comes to performance of your ADSL connection. The distance between your location, where you want the ADSL connection and local exchange should be less then 3 km for good performance. If your location is fur away from local exchange, ADSL service performs at reduced efficiency or in worst case, it may not be available for you.

Another important point to consider here is that, the distance from your location to the local exchange is calculated in terms of the cable travel. The actual geographical distance from your local ADSL exchange to your location may be less the cables travel. However, the cable is less likely to be laid directly between your location and the exchange, even if the exchange is physically close.

What are the advantages of ADSL over dialup connection?

ADSL gives you much higher bandwidth compared with dialup modem access. It lets you download data quickly and enables viewing or sending large files like audio and video files which is much faster then a dial up connection. ADSL offers fixed set-up and monthly bandwidth charges unlike dialup lines. ADSL does not incur call charges like a dialup connection.

Can ADSL be used to provide internet connection over a computer network?

ADSL connections offer relatively high bandwidth compared to a standard dialup modem connection. Therefore, ADSL connection can be good enough for sharing across a small network. However, it is better to consult your ADSL connection provider for more information about your ADSL connection in this case.

What is wires only ADSL?

The ADSL is enabled on a standard analogue telephone line. The telephone socket is modified using an external, user-installable device that provides separate data and phone connections into the standard socket. It is called a ‘splitter plug’. The splitter plug separates analogue voice signals using the lower frequency and higher frequency ADSL data signals. It does not require any configuration and can be installed as easily, just like a two-way phone connector.


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