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Free Dialup UK Article - Alternatives to Dial-Up Internet Connection


The dial up internet connection is one of the most popular forms of the internet access due to its easy availability and low cost. In some regions, you may even get the free dial connections also. The dial up connection has been the premier choice of the internet uses around the world for many years. However, with advance in technology some alternatives to dial up internet connection have also come up. Some of these do not even require a modem or a phone line to connect to internet. Here, we discuss some Alternatives to dial up internet connection that have gained popularity in recent times.

The next generation to dial up internet Connection is cable connections. A cable collection is provided through a coaxial cable. In many cases, it could be coming through cable TV service. Cable connections are rapidly getting popular in home users. Cable connections are offered with a wide variety of internet speeds ranging from 64 Kbps to 2 Mbps. The cable internet connection is considered as an economic solution when you consider the cost. However, it may be mode expensive then your dial up connection. The able connection is usually a shared connection. The cable company will provide the IP address and in some case, common hub. Some other companies may have the user to purchase a router to share the connection. The cable connections are generally reliable but can be slower if the use is more when it is shared.

Another popular form of internet connection is DSL. DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. There are two types of DSL internet connection, namely Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) and Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL). The difference between the two is their data transfer speed. The ADSL is very popular with non-commercial customers. SDSL connection provides the same speed in both directions. The ADSL internet connection provides different data transfer speed for upload and download. On other had, SDSL is most popular with businesses and commercial ventures.

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is usually a technology that is advancement in dial up internet considered connection using a 56K modem. Its features are similar to the typical dial up connection. For example, you have to connect or disconnect the ISDN service like the dial up service. The advantage of an ISDN service is that they are made up of digital circuits. Therefore, the ISDN connection is much quicker in establishing a connection to your service provider when you initiate the connection to the Internet. In addition, the data transfer speed is much higher than the dial up connection.

The above-mentioned forms of an intent connection are generally used by home uses and small non-profit ventures. However, big organizations and enterprises have demand that these forms may not able to provide it. Therefore, these businesses use a Leased Line connection. They are quite expensive and only organizations with large budgets can afford to have it. These are private and dedicated lines, established between the ISP and customer exclusively. In the organization, the line is divided into smaller units and among the users. The main feature of the leased line is that they are not shared hence; provide very high speed of data transfer.


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