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Free Dialup UK Article - Tips To Boost Your Internet Surfing Speed


There will many people who will be not satisfied with their intent connection speed. Here, we have some tips that can help then to maximize their intent surfing speed:

One of the easiest ways to surf internet fast is to avoid web sites that publish overly large, slow loading pages. These pages consume a lot of time and bandwidth. Many website on Internet provide the same information. Look for web sites that give you the information you want in a fast, user-friendly format. This will help you to surf internet quicker. Another way of dealing with slow loading page is to hit your browser's Stop button. This will often load everything on the page except some of the biggest images. If enough of the page has not loaded then refresh the page. In addition, if the page does not load the first time you enter the URL then Refresh it a few times. This sometimes moves you ahead of others waiting to access the site.

Another way of fast surfing is the use keyboard shortcuts. There are many keyboard shortcuts for fast browser menu actions. You may access them listed in the menu options of your browser although they may vary on different browsers and platforms. These shortcuts will help you to perform some basic actions quickly and will in turn make your browsing faster.

You may also try and surf with multiple windows. You can open two or more windows for fast surfing. You can read a page in one window while a new page loads in the other. In this way you do not have wait every time for the new page to load after you finish with previous page. You may right-click on a link or image for the option to open a new page in a new window. You may open leave more then one page to load while you access one. However, one point to notice here is that when whenever you open a new window, the back button in that window will be disabled.

Sometimes when you are visiting a site, its images may not be important to you. Then images are the slowest in loading. In this case, you may view the page in text only mode. It may not be wise to change the browser settings for that as it may make many pages will be difficult or even impossible to use. Only for pages where you do not necessarily want images you can view then in text only mode.

Another option is to turn off Java loading. Java is dynamic but Java can also be very slow. Your browser can hang and can leave you waiting for minutes then turn off your browser's automatic Java loading.

Finally, to enjoy fast surfing, you can also consider avoiding pick timings. As traffic increases, speed decreases. Go for non-business hours if possible. Another option is to go for mirror sites. If the main site is busy, then mirror sites can be accessed.


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