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Free Dialup UK Article - Causes of Poor Performance in Dialup Connection


The speed of a dial up connection is a common issue of debate in the dial up connection users. Many users suffer from poor performance of their dial up connection. There are various issues can contribute to it. It is difficult for a common user to troubleshoot for this kind of problems without proper test equipment. However, they can take some steps that may help them to get rid of the connection problems or to improve the performance of their dial up connections.

In ideal conditions, you should consistently get speed as high as 52k or 53K if you are using a 56k modem. If you are consistently getting speed in this range then your dial up connection is working well. On other hand, if you consistently connect at lower speeds then there is a possibility that there is problem with your dial up internet connection. In addition, the modems can speed can rise and fall after the initial connection. This rise and fall is dependant on the dial up connection and the equipment used. This includes access numbers and the hardware equipment used on both end. Here are some common causes of poor performance in dial up connection…

You can begin with checking your access number. Always see that your access number is truly local. You need to make sure that you are not using access number that is forwarded to a distant location. Many ISPs (Internet service providers) use call-forwarding technology to extend their calling territories. They usually lure customer with offers of free internet access. However, this free internet access may not be good if the speed of connection is poor. This is because the length of the connection can seriously harm speed of your dial up connection. The distance can degrade the signals that in tern lower your dial up speed. You may use an access number that gives you an online reading of connection quality or you my also counter check with some well-known access numbers.

If the problem is not with the access number then it could be with the hardware equipment on both sides. If your connection is running slow then the possibility is that the problem is in local wiring. Local line problems can occur due to faulty or low quality wiring or the equipment used in wiring. In addition, poor quality of phones, fax machines or the modem itself can contribute in deteriorating dial up connection speed performance.

Some modems may not work properly if they get hot. This can commonly happen when you are using a laptop computer. In this case, you can use a PCI modem card. To avoid heating problems, you may disconnect the computer from AC power and run laptop on battery. In general, it is wise to make sure that the modem does not get too hot.

To check the quality of your phone line, you can check the quality of your voice connections. After you connect, if you hear cracking noises or hisses then you probably have a line problem. If you have problem with your hardware equipment then you may want to change then to get better performance out of your dial up connection.


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