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Free Dialup UK Article - Main Characteristics Of Internet


The Internet is a worldwide network of computers. It is an interconnection of large and small networks around the globe. The internet is one of most powerful communications tool. It empowers its users with instantaneous access to a huge pool of data, tools and the information to accomplish many different tasks. The Internet is used for business and pleasure alike. Here, we discuss the main defining characteristics of the internet.

Internet is network of networks. There are several layers and modes of communications among the layers. Hence, some standards have been raised to allow proper level of communication across networks. However, these standards do not restrict the access of information to a particular location. The information flows freely across the networks in the standardized manner.

Another remarkable feature of the Internet is Flexibility on the transfer of the data. Internet is basically a network that carries information in digital form in majority of the cases instead of voice information in analog form. There are many instances where these two different forms of data transfer starts to overlap. Dialup Internet connection is one example where regular phone lines are technically carrying data over a voice line. With advance of internet technology, digital phone lines are also developed in some regions.

A notable difference from the phone connection is that the path of the data transfer is not fixed from start. A telephone call is circuit establishes a dedicated path to transmit our entire conversation. Internet connections are not fixed from point to point for the duration of the transmission. Data sent over the internet is in form of packets. It transmits a small part of the data, verifies it is correct and then sends more information toward the destination. Internet does not require all of the information to be delivered through the same path at same time…

The architecture of the internet is also different from the other types of communication. The internet follows a client sever architecture. A server is a computer loaded with a software package that provides requested information to clients. A client is a software program that contacts to a server and requests information. There are different kinds of servers softwares. A single hardware server computer could have several different types of server software packages running on it. For example, you could have a web server, e-mail server or a chat server running on a single hardware computer server. Client sends its request to the server with its own address so that the information will be returned to the correct location. However, the client requesting services must match the type of service that it is connecting to. The client software has to match up to an exact kind of server software and each server requires a specific kind of client software. For example,
If you were looking for a web page, you would use a web client to access a web server. If you want to get your e-mail, you would use an e-mail server.

These features make Internet a unique and highly efficient network of networks.


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