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Free Dialup UK Article - Dialup Access Number Fraud


Millions of people around the world depend on internet to carry out their daily personal and business matters. There are billions of people and businesses having their computers connected to internet all over the world. Now days, one cannot imagine world with out internet. Internet has also given rise to a number of industries, including providing internet service commercially. The organization that provides internet service is called an ISP or Internet service provider. The two most popular and common ways of connecting internet are dial up internet service and broadband internet service. The dial up internet access is usually preferred in the home users and broadband access is preferred in home and commercial users.

The ISP providing dial up services charges customer for usage and providing services. Some ISPs even waive off the service change and provide free internet access to uses, Users only get charged for the usage of the internet. The free internet access is one feature that makes dial up service even more popular. There are several ISPs in the developed countries that offer free dialup access. The free dialup access draws many users to the providing ISPs. IT is generally cheap and reliable. However, it may happen that a customer us internet through a free dial up service and still ends up having huge telephone bills. The most likely explanation is that that the user has become victim of a Dial up access number fraud.

The two major ways of running a dial up access number fraud. Some of the frauds are carried out with viruses. These viruses change settings of your modem and scammer can make long distance telephone call. The other possibility where you could receive a very high internet access bill is that that you are unknowingly using a long distance access number.

In Dial up access number fraud, users fall pray to a highly organized crime. The user initially connects to the internet using the local access number. However, they are routed to a remote access number without their knowledge. This is done through a dialer software program installed on their computer. This dialer redirects their telephone line from their local Internet Service Provider to some remote location. Typically, they are then routed to an international line in remote country. The fraud will come through an innocent looking advertisement offering free internet access or expensive gift on some purchase. Often users get tempted and access them or even enroll themselves. What they do not know that that these offers could have hidden dialing software, which will be installed on their computer. Next time when they dial to access internet, the software redirects their dial up connection to some remote access number. The result is obvious… The victim receives a mammoth phone bill that could be several times more then the call they made to connect to internet.

Dial up connection users should take precautions to avoid these Dial up access number fraud more just taking all care to keep computer virus free and watch out for these frauds.


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