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Free Dialup UK Article - Dialup Internet Access Fraud


The internet serves as a major tool of conducting personal and business matter for people across the globe. The business of providing internet is a booming industry. The businesses providing internet access service are called an ISP or Internet service provider. There are two major ways of connecting internet are dial up internet service and broadband internet access. The dial up internet access is most popular in the people who use internet from their households. This is because it is cheap and generally reliable.

The dial up service is usually connected through the telephone line. The ISP charges them according to the usage of the telephone line and internet access rate per hour set. Now days, it is not surprising to find a large number of consumers using their local telephone line to connect to the Internet end up having huge telephone bills. Most of these bills are having charges a lot more then they expect. Barring some discrepancy in the telephone bill, the most obvious reason could be that that they have fallen victim to some dial up Internet access fraud.

There are multiple ways of running a dial up access fraud. A large number of these frauds are running very systematically with aid of computer viruses. Some of these frauds initially post attractive offers of programs offering free internet access to attract the customers. Some other associates themselves with unsuspecting visitors when they visit a potential harmful site.

Some people may be wondering that how these viruses are installed in their computer. In most cases, the answer is that they allow them to install on their computer! However, these uses fall pray to these frauds unknowingly. In a large number of cases, the users generally click on some innocent looking advertisement or download certain program that has hidden viruses.
These advertisements first appear in very innocent form. When users are surfing internet, more often they come across these offers, through a promotional advertisement suddenly appearing in a “pop up window” on their computer screen. These promotions usually offer gifts on some purchase or free internet access offers or adult materials. Furthermore, many people accept and download these offers as they do like to access porn material or make purchases on internet.

These types of frauds are raging in many countries across the world. Only precautions from uses can save themselves from these frauds. Every internet user should take certain precautionary steps. For example, they should choose the websites that they are visiting more carefully. Inspect very carefully any pop up windows that may appear and do not blindly click on them. Those free internet access offers or gifts that are presented before them to lure them into the frauds. One should not tempted by them. Always remember that “appearances can be deceiving”. In addition, they should look out for unknown programs running on their computers then they should, check them out immediately. Kill those processes if required and remove the programs from computer as soon as possible. Some precautions will save you your money that those scammers could take away from you.


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