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Free Dialup UK Article - Understanding the Functionality Of A High Speed Dialup Connection


There are many people who use but do not understand how dial up connection work. Here we explain the functionality of a high-speed dial up connection. The journey of the data goes into a great loop across the world at a very fast rate. Most people do not know how data travels once it leaves their computer terminals and phone line.

The dial up connection is made from a computer through modem and telephone line to the ISP’s computer. The computer uses data in digital form. It means that it the computer can transmit data in 1's and 0's (on and off) also called digital or binary form. On other hand, telephone lines transmit data in analog form. It means that they transmit data by sound.

Modems work by taking a digital signal and transforming that into analog (sound) over a phone line. It also receives data in analog form and converts it to digital form. The digital data given to the modem is in the form of ones and zeros. The modem converts it to analog signals and sends over the phone line. Modem at the receiving end receives these signals; converts data back into digital form and sends the data to the receiving computer. The telephone line from your house is joined to a special terminal that sends the data received from their computers in form of audio signals from to enter the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). From PSTN, it is routed to the person or ISP that the modem is calling through the internet.

It is import that there should be no more than one Analog to Digital conversion between your computer's modem and your ISP’s computer. This ensures that the modems will be able to work correctly. This will also allow modem download speeds as high as 53 Kbps. It may be possible for the modem to achieve more then one analog to Digital conversions simultaneously. However, if there are any more analog to Digital conversions initiated from the modem then the modem may not be able to achieve the highest possible speed on your dial up connection due to the decreased integrity of the signal. Similarly, if there is an additional Analog to Digital conversion along the way back to you then you will not receive a full speed connection speed.

It is important to note that the modem’s ability to transfer data and maintain quality of the data does depends on the phone line conditions both inside your house and outside on the telephone company's network. Unfortunately, the telephone system is primarily designed to host voice phone calls that require far less quality than a dial up connection requires. Therefore, it may not support high-speed dial up connection to its full capability. Another important factor is quality of the modem. If the modem is very old of lower quality then it may also contribute to loss of speed. There are other factors like electromagnetic distortion, which may interfere with the data flow though your dial up connection. Hence, it is better to have a modem of good quality and have your telephone line checked and upgraded if required to get high-speed dial up connection speed.


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