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Free Dialup UK Article - Reasons For Dialup Connection Failure


The working of dialup connection is largely dependent on the phone line and modem hardware. If the quality of the phone line and modem hardware is good and kept in order then the user can enjoy a good quality dialup connection In these cases, the users does not have to worry much about performance of the dial up connection. However, apart form these core factors there are some issues that can affect the performance of the dialup connection by causing a disconnection. Some trivial issues may occur to cause a dial up disconnection at times. They can be avoided by taking some precautions. Let us have a look at them…

One notable cause of dial up disconnection is the human interference. In a dial up connection, the modem needs one dedicated phone line and occupies that phone terminal. However, in a place with multiple telephones sharing one access number, this may become reason for disconnection. This mostly happens then a person unknowingly picks up the phone from other extension when the line is accessed by the modem to access internet. We can make out whether the line is busy or not by listening for a dial tone. However, there is generally no way to know that the phone line is being used by a modem until the person pick up the receiver and listen. At this point, the modem may drop the connection. This can be avoided by raising awareness among users about this and let people be aware when someone is using Internet.

Dial up connection may fail when you receive an external call while you are accessing internet. At that time, the modem may drop the internet connection. This mainly happens with the dial up connections where modems do not have call-waiting feature. The call-waiting feature allows a modem to stay connected to internet while an external call is received. At the same time, the modem signals the user that a call has been received. You may avoid this issue by having a modem with call waiting feature. The call-waiting feature can be kept enabled or disabled per your requirements. If call waiting is enabled while you are using your dial up connection then the modem connection will be broken up when the call comes in. On other hand, if the call waiting feature is disabled then the modem will warn the user about the incoming call but will not brake the connection immediately. The user may choose to continue or to break the internet connection to receive the call. In addition, when the user signs off then internet, call waiting is reactivated.

Apart from the above two reasons which could occur frequently, a minor issue may rise due some software applications that user installed can create a conflict in the dial up connection and often cause your dial up connection to fail. The exact cause of the conflict in most cases may not be traceable. In some cases, events like the installation of another software program may turn out to be a reason to create conflict. In this case, you may do some checking before installing software whether it has any history of creating connection failure in the dialup connection.


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