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Free Dialup UK Article - Shopping For Internet Access


The internet has become one of the most momentous factors in people’s lives. Internet’s role in daily life and business is ever increasing. As you must be aware, to use internet you must first get an internet connection. You can get internet connection by taking services of an ISP (Internet Service Provider). There are several ISPs available in the market. You need to choose wisely to get a reliable internet connection that gives you performance, service and support.

The foremost factor to look for is the price of the service. You need to decide what kind of internet connection you want and hence you may decide on certain price limits. ISPs have several tempting offers to attract new customers. For example, you ma y have to pay less if you pay fully for your service at the time of enrolling. Some also offer free internet access for some time for enrolling during a certain period. In addition, some other may offer free internet access package in after hours for taking up a certain service packages. Usually, free internet access proves to be a tempting offer. ISPs with prepayment services often do so to build or increase cash flow. There may be drawbacks of such prepaid services. For example, if the ISP goes out of market, you will be stranded with paid but useless connect time. In addition, the free internet access hours may not be that useful if the bandwidth is capped during these hours. Overall, it may not be wise to pay for more then a year in advance. So, do not get carried away by sign up offers and select your plan wisely.

You also need to check on speed and availability. Best way to determine this is to see the ISP’s performance in peak hours. Most of the ISPS offer some limited days trial offers to customers. You may take this offer and call the ISP’s local access numbers in peak hours to see if you get a busy tone frequently. A good ISP will offer several access numbers, so if one is busy, you can try another. If the ISP is providing free internet access during after hours then check that as well. Check your speed regularly with the internet access speed measuring software. If you get busy signal frequently or you have to wait a long time for access then the ISP is not providing enough channels to its customers to access. Besides, if the speed constantly remains very low or fluctuates then the ISP may not be a wise choice.

Another feature of a good ISP is good customer service. You can expect a good ISP to give you full information about their customer service. It should be easy to use so that even a non-technical person can use it easily. The best ways is to go for an ISP with a 24x7-customer service and technical support line and a local or toll free number. Call their technical support lines a few times to see how easy it is to get through.

Overall, you need to analyze above factors when shopping for Internet access. You could find yourself stranded with an internet connection that does not deliver as per your expectations if you are not careful.


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