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Free Dialup UK Article - Types Of Cable Modem


Television is a great source of information, entertainment and educational programs for millions of people around the world. A vast number of people get their TV signal from cable television service. This is mainly because cable TV provides a better picture quality and more channels. The cable modems provides an opportunity to make the optimum utilization of the unused the bandwidth of the cable signal.

There are three types of cable modems available in the market. Here, we introduce them to you…

1. Internal cable modem

The internal Cable Modem is typically an add-on card that you can install in a PC. Economically this is a better option then other types of cable modems. The implementation is easy and quick. The limitation is that it can only be used in desktop computers. Some modified cards are also used in laptops. Internal cable modems are not the most flexible options. Cable TV networks in some countries networks may not implement internal cable modems at all for technical compatibility reasons. In some CATV networks, it may require a more expensive upgrade of the network installations. This may pose a problem in some cable TV networks due to regulatory concerns in some countries.

2. External Cable modem:

In appearance, the external cable modem is the small box that connects to your computer normally through a normal Ethernet connection. An Ethernet card needed to be installed to your computer before the Cable Modem is connected. A plus is that you can connect more computers to the Ethernet. The Cable Modem works with most operating systems and hardware platforms making it more flexible to work with. Now days, another interface used for external Cable Modems is USB (Universal serial bus). The Use interface is easier and faster to install. However, you can only connect one PC to a USB based Cable Modem.

3. Interactive set-top box

Interactive set-top box is designed with the objective of providing more TV channels on the same limited number of frequencies as the primary function. This is possible with the use of technology called digital television encoding (DVB). An interactive set-top box provides internet access through the ordinary plain old telephone system. It allows the user access the world of internet. The users can browse internet directly on their TV screen. Overall, we can say that the interactive set-top box is really a cable modem in masquerade.

Cable modems do provide cable operators to offer internet at nominal rate or offer free internet access to its customers. The cable operators may offer free internet access as demo for limited time or offer free internet access packages s advertisement or promotional offers with their cable services overall, providing inter net access can be a very good commercial venture for the cable provider. Therefore, many people who have cable TV can now get a high-speed connection to the internet from their cable provider. This trend is very popular in the developed countries like the United States, Canada and European countries.


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