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Free Dialup UK Article - Types Of Hardware Modems


The term modem is an acronym of “modulator-demodulator”. In simple words, a modem enables users to connect their computer to internet through a standard telephone line. It also enables to transmit and receive data across the internet. It is the key that unlocks doors of the world of the Internet for the user. The modems can be of various types. They may be hardware, software or controller less. The most widely used modems are hardware modems. There are mainly three types of hardware modems. All three types of modems work the same way. However, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Here, we discuss them…

The oldest and simplest type of hardware modems are external modems. In fact, they are the earliest modems that have been in use for more then 25 years. As the name suggest, they reside outside the main computer. Therefore, they are easy to install, as the computer need not be opened. They connect to a computer's serial port through a cable. On other hand, the telephone line is plugged in a socket on the modem. Advantage of an external modem is that the external modems have their own power supply. The modem can be turned off to break an online connection quickly without powering down the computer. Another advantage is that by having a separate power supply is that it does not drain any power from the computer. The Main disadvantage is that the external modems are more expensive then the internal modems.

On other hand, Internal modems come installed in the computer you buy. Internal modems are integrated into the computer system mostly installed in the motherboard. Hence, do not need any special attention. Internal modems are activated when you run a dialer program to access internet. The internal modem can be turned off when you exit the program. This can be very convenient. The major disadvantage with internal modems is their location. When you want to replace an internal modem you have to go inside the computer case to change it. Internal modems usually cost less than external modems, but the price difference is usually small.

The third significant type of hardware modem is the PC Card modem. These modems are mainly designed for portable computers. They come in size of a credit card and could be fitted into the PC Card slot on notebook and handheld computers. These modem cards are removable when the modem is no longer needed. Most notably, except for their size, PC Card modems combine the characteristics of both external and internal modems. The PC card modems are plugged directly into an external slot in the portable computer. There is no cable requirement like external modems. The only other requirement is the telephone line connection. The only disadvantage is that running a PC Card modem while the portable computer is operating on battery power drastically decreases the life of your batteries. The portable computer need tp power the PC card modems. This is fine unless the computer is battery operated.

Overall, you may have an external, an internal modem or a PC modem card as per your requirements. The modem you choose should be depend upon how your computer is configured and your preferences on accessing internet.


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