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Free Dialup UK Article - Main Types Of Modems


The modems come in several different types. Several vendors make different types of modems and the market is crammed up by vast array of types of modems available. However, modems can be generally distinguished in the three most common traits. These traits are hardware modems, software modems and Controller less modems.

Hardware based modems are highly compatible and independent. They can work with every operating system from Apple Macintosh, DOS, All versions of Windows and UNIX. All hardware modems are assembled using essential parts to make it capable of handling entire communication process by itself. A hardware based modem does not rely on the computer's CPU to do the processing of the information to send over the internet. It may requires nothing more from the computer's CPU after it is connected. The only information would be required from the computer's CPU is to the access number it is supposed to call, when to make the call and when to terminate connection. A Hardware modem is much better at sending and receiving packet information and correcting errors due to its independent nature. It also handles poor quality phone lines much better than software based modems. All external modems are hardware modems. They connect to computer’s serial port through a cable.

In software modems, some part of the modem functions is handled by the software emulations. Notably, both the Data Pump and the Data Controller are emulated in the software. The hardware part of the modem contains only the basic circuitry to connect to the telephone network. The computer CPU manages the main function of the software modem. Since a software modem is designed to depend on software, it follows the programmed instructions into the software to tell the hardware part of the modem as how to react under various circumstances. The limitation of the software modem appears when an exception condition arises which does not match conditions it is programmed to handle. In these circumstances the modems shows symptoms like frequent disconnects, slow connections and overall poor performance.
The remedy to this situation is often relies in driver updates. Hence, if you have these types of problems you may load driver update that can supply the modem with more programmed variables then the current version. The software modems are known to cause problems. The attraction lies in inexpensiveness, as they are exceptionally low-priced to manufacture and to sell.

The third main type of modem is a controller less modem. These modems are partly software and partly hardware modems. The hardware part would still contain a hardware data pump but as them name suggests, its Data Controller functions not. They are emulated in software. The advantage gained by excluding one of the main chips from the modem is to cut the cost for producing those modems. In addition, the modem can easily be upgraded by simply installing new software provided by the vendor. The disadvantage is that it is not very compatible and has difficulties with lesser quality phone lines. This may result in slowdowns, disconnections or long time taken in establishing the connection.


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