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Free Dialup UK Article - Understanding Broadband


The word is broadband is a much known terminology in the world of internet. Broadband internet connections are very popular and in demand in internet uses. In early days of internet, modems were good enough to satisfy people’s needs. However, with growth of internet need for a better option with higher data transfer rate then a normal modem can muster. This is where the concept of broadband comes in to the picture.

In simple words, broadband refers to the ability of the user to access web pages across the internet that includes large files, such as video, audio and high-end graphics. An internet user may access these large volume if data with slower options. However, that will take the charm of them. The user may have to wait very long to see the complete results. Broadband gives an increased ability to access these large data files relatively faster.

Broadband is a ‘broad bandwidth’ connection. It allows a large amount of data to travel through a medium at the same time. There could be many opinions when large amount of data is concerned. However, internet connection speed is a relative term. When the internet was in its early days, 28.8 kbps was the fastest dialup speed available. It is the average speed of connection to the internet using a dialup modem. Most people accessing internet in its early days are familiar with that speed. Currently modems can muster up to 50kbps for dialup speed. While dialup modems are capable of 53kbps, depending on line quality and equipment used, less than 50kbps is more acceptable. A broadband connection will typically run at 3Mbps to 15 Mbps in places with good infrastructure. However, the connection between the ISP and the user, typically governs a user’s broadband capability.

To understand the term Broadband, let us discuss some related terms. First of them shall be bandwidth. The bandwidth of a connection is the amount of data that can let flow through it. The other consideration is that network traffic is bi-directional. In internet terms, there are download and upload paths for a connection. When considering an internet connection, both these speeds needs to be considered. However, high-speed internet services have lower upload and higher download capacities For example, a four-lane road can afford to have more traffic both ways then a two-lane road. In network terms, these are called asymmetrical services. The bandwidth expressed in bits per second (bps). This indicates the number of bits of information that can flow down the line for a second. However, the measurement bits per second is inadequate to represent the data flow in the many modern methods of internet connection. This is because millions of bits are transmitted per second though these lines. Hence, for these high-speed internet connections, the terms kilobits per second (kbps) and megabits per second (mbps) are used.

The opposite term of broadband is called narrowband. Whereas Broadband gives the user capability to across the web content with large data such as video, audio and high-end graphics, narrowband can refer to the inability to do so.

The popularity of broadband internet access is prominent in developed countries and it is slowly increasing in developing countries. Among the new high-speed internet option that arose, residential and corporate users have equally sought broadband internet connections.


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