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Frequently Asked Questions

Will using cost me more money?
No, you only pay for the minutes you use at local call rates. Because the access is so much faster, you will almost certainly spend less time on-line.

What is the charge for local rate calls?
Weekday calls between 8am and 6pm 3.95 pence per minute
Weekday evening calls between 6pm and 8am 1.48 pence per minute
Weekend calls between midnight Friday and midnight Monday 1 pence per minute

Are there any further charges?
No, other ISPs like AOL and Freeserve, who all charge a monthly fee. Our members benefit from no monthly subscription fees.

What have I got to lose?
Nothing, you will recognise the benefits of the Free-dialup service straight away, however if you decide that you would prefer not to use it, you simply revert to clicking on the previous Internet Service Providers logo that you used before. Some software automatically deletes old versions, however we are so confident that you will like our service that we leave any other Internet Service Providers settings on your computer.

Can I use more than one ISP?
Yes, 65% of Internet users already do. Any previous Internet Service Providers settings will remain on your computer.

Do I need any additional hardware or software?
No! There is no new technology used, we simply offer a higher level of service than our competitors. All you need is standard modem or ISDN terminal adaptor (and, of course a phone line!).

Do I need to be computer literate?
No. Simply follow the free dialup set-up instructions. They are written on the assumption that everyone who reads them understands very little about computers.

Will the service be quicker?
Yes, at busy times it will be approximately 3-5 times faster than most Internet Service Providers

Is your dial-up suitable for Counter Strike and other online games?
Yes, in some cases using our dial-up can dramatically improve you ping, increasing you scores and the playability of online games. Read more about our online gaming dial-up ISP service.

Can I keep my current e-mail address and account with my current provider?

What happens next?
Because there's no signup all you need to do is change your computers settings to begin enjoying the benefits of our internet connection service.

Click here for instructions on how to change your computers dialup settings

What if I don't like it?
As you're not tied in with any contracts you simply start using another service provider, easy!

What is the minimum operating system needed?
Microsoft Windows versions: 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP.
Mac OS 7+

Why Choose Us ?
No more engaged tones
  Unlike other better know ISP's we don't overload our networks. This means you get online line first time, everytime.
Fastest possible dialup connection is one of only a few UK ISP's to offer a non-contended dial-up service. This gives you the quickest Internet connection available over a dial-up connection.
No Monthly Subscription
  Unlike ISP's like AOL, Freeserve and Demon all users of benefit from no monthly subscription fees. All you pay for is the time you're online. Your Free Dialup call time will show on your BT bill as a local rate call.
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