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Why can't I connect to Free Dialup?

Often, connection difficulties are not a result of huge numbers of people all trying to connect at once, but are a result of problems with your PC, modem, phone line or incorrect Internet settings. It sounds obvious, but often the simplest solutions are the easiest!

We've identified some of the most common reasons below.

Check the phone number you are dialling to connect to
You should be connecting on 0844 535 2000

Check your phone line can connect to Free Dialup
You can check your phone is working by dialling the Nippy number using your normal telephone handset. Dial 0844 535 2000 and listen to the response. If your line is working corretly you will get a high pitched squeeling sound.

If you suspect there is a problem with your BT line report it. Dial - 151 (for Residential customers) and 154 (for Business customers).

Increase the volume of your telephone line
You can do this by contacting BT and asking them to increase your phone line 'gain', which will turn up the volume on your line. This can improve the reliability of your connection to the Internet. You can contact BT by calling 151. Note: if you have several phones sharing a single line, the line gain per line will be reduced.

Why Choose Us ?
No more engaged tones
  Unlike other better know ISP's we don't overload our networks. This means you get online line first time, everytime.
Fastest possible dialup connection is one of only a few UK ISP's to offer a non-contended dial-up service. This gives you the quickest Internet connection available over a dial-up connection.
No Monthly Subscription
  Unlike ISP's like AOL, Freeserve and Demon all users of benefit from no monthly subscription fees. All you pay for is the time you're online. Your Free Dialup call time will show on your BT bill as a local rate call.
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