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Configuring Windows NT dialup settings for

The following instructions describe how to creating a new dialup connection to

: You will need your NT4 installation media (probably a CD) to complete this installation


The first thing you have to do is install Dial-up Networking. To do this, double click the 'My Computer' icon on your desktop.


Double click the 'Dial-up Networking' icon within the window that opens up.


You should click 'Install' on this window.


Once Dial-up Networking is installed you will be presented with a warning that the phone book is empty. Click 'OK'


Type in a phonebook name such as 'Free Dial-up'. Click 'Next'.


On this screen you should have to tick all three tickboxes, click 'Next'.


Type in 0844 535 2000 into the 'Telephone number box' and leave 'Use Telephony dialing properties' unchecked. Click 'Next'.


On this screen, select 'Point-to-Point Protocal (PPP)' and Click 'Next'.


On this screen, select 'None. Click 'Next'.


On this screen, leave 'My IP address' as 0's. Click 'Next'.


On this screen, leave 'DNS server' and 'WINS server' as 0's. Click 'Next'.


Click 'Finish' on this screen.


On the next screen, click 'More' and select 'Edit entry and modem properties'.


Select the 'Server' tab at the top of the window.


Select 'PPP: Windows NT, Windows 95 Plus, Internet' from the 'Dial-up server type'. Select 'TCP/IP' and leave all other boxs unchecked. Click 'Next'.


On this screen, select 'Server assigned IP address' and 'Server assigned name server addresses'. All fileds will contain 0's and the bottom two options must be selected. Click 'OK' to each of the open windows until you are back to step '13'


On this screen click 'Dial'


On this final screen, type in your 'username' (free) and your 'password' (dialup) and select the 'Save password' box and click 'connect'. You will now be connected to your Free Dial-up connection.

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