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In the 12 months we've been running this service thousands of Internet users have switched to using our service. We even get calls from people who can't believe how simple it is Here's a few notes from happy customers.

"...because I no longer need to subscribe I now save £12.99 a month! Thanks so much!"

Mr. G A Ramsey, Norwich

"I can't believe how simple your service is. I just put the number into my computer and now I'm surfing the net using your service."

Mrs A Hodgson, Huddersfield

"I tried your dial-up connection because I was fed up of engaged tones when using a well know ISP (I shall name no names). Since using your service I have not received one engaged tone. I shall recommend your service to my friends and family."

Mr D Rogers, London

"I can't get broadband in my area so have been looking for a faster connection via my standard phone line. The free-dialup number I now use is noticeably faster than other dial-up ISPs I have tried."

Mr K Frankly, Liverpool

Thank you so much. Your instructions were clear and simple to follow it doesn't get much easier.

Mrs O Reene, Devon

"I inherited an old PC from a mate at work. Found your dial-up number during my lunch break. Noted it down and entered it into the dial-up network settings of my old but useable PC. It worked instantly, fantastic!"

Mr J Reynolds, Manchester

"Just wanted to say thanks for your help the other day. Your staff are very helpful."

Miss D Moseley, Birmingham

"My laptop is connected to the Internet through a network at my work place but I needed a dial-up connection to use at home and when traveling. Had a search on the Internet and found you first."

Mr C Knowles, Newcastle

"I class myself as a light user of the Internet and only use it for email and the odd bit of shopping. I chose you because I don't need to pay monthly all I pay for is the time I'm online which is great for me."

Mr A Jenkins, Edinburgh

"No forms, no money up front and no need to contact BT - it's almost too simple!"

Mr N Reagon, Wolverhampton

"I'm a big fan of online games but I live in the sticks and can't get broadband. Since using Free Dialup my frag rate has increased as my ping time is better."

Mr S Bosely, Norfolk

Start using our free dial-up number now and join thousands of other happy users across the UK. Remember there's no sign-up needed!

Our UK dial-up service offers fast, reliable 0844 number internet access and is available without any sign-up and no contract. It's also FREE! All you pay for is the time you spend online, no more Direct Debits!


0844 535 2000





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Why Choose Us ?
No more engaged tones
  Unlike other better know ISP's we don't overload our networks. This means you get online line first time, everytime.
Fastest possible dialup connection is one of only a few UK ISP's to offer a non-contended dial-up service. This gives you the quickest Internet connection available over a dial-up connection.
No Monthly Subscription
  Unlike ISP's like AOL, Freeserve and Demon all users of benefit from no monthly subscription fees. All you pay for is the time you're online. Your Free Dialup call time will show on your BT bill as a local rate call.
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